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A narc, or somebody who works for the police or FBI, in reference to a character played by Keanu Reeves, in movie Point Break
Dude why did you let Johnny Utah into the group, he is definitely going to narc us out.
by Peiper4965 January 04, 2008
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Creator of the tankmen storyline of Newgrounds, where before the tank and the man inside had no real bearing to the site. Johnny Utah is most often known for his cock jokes, and frequently uses them in his animations. Johnny Utah is actually a very skilled artist, and could probably be doing something constructive, but instead he's bettering Newgrounds, and creating a more perverted place for future children.

Also, I'd do him for a nickel.
Johnny Utah is a skilled artist.

Johnny Utah wears a hat.

Johnny Utah is 3 midgets on a tricycle.

Johnny Utah made jesus.
by dragamex August 02, 2008
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a kid originally from upstate NY. he now resides in Utah and continues to tell tall tales.
Johnny Utah called me yesterday, he said he bombed down Alta and did a triple backflip off of a 180ft cliff. he then proceded to peel out in the parking lot in a black '88 sunbird with a barrel muffler, headed home, and got it on with three hot-ass(fat) chicks
by five speed March 16, 2005
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