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by rubyroobs July 11, 2009
amazingly talented lead singer of Straylight Run and former guitarist/co-vocalist of Taking Back Sunday
john nolan balls hard
by n00dz March 2, 2007
Lead vocalist and songwriter of American indie-emo band Straylight Run. Long Island origin. Formerly guitarist/back-up vocals for Taking Back Sunday. Known for his friendship with Brand New frontman Jesse Lacey -- which introduced two songs about said best friend. "Your Name Here", which is a straight-up love song, and "There's No 'I' in Team", a response song to the angry "Seventy Times Seven" from when John Nolan slept with Jesse's girlfriend.

Straylight Run, the self-titled full length CD was released subsequent to his departure from Taking Back Sunday (he left with bassist Shaun Cooper). The band has gone on to release more since then, and is still active.
John Nolan is a <a href="http://i34.tinypic.com/2rfsbbm.jpg">little bit of a faggot</a>.
by glass ceiling August 22, 2008