Full name John Joseph Keefe. One of the most amazing drummers in the entire world. He is very short, but completely adorable. You can tell he loves what he is doing with all of his heart, and he loves his band mates in both boys like girls and the rebels! He loves his fans more than all of that and is very thankful and a very happy person, though he can be very sarcastic as well! His smile is probably one of the warmest I've ever seen.

aka Beef, Johnny Beef, John-a-hunk-of-beef-Keefe!
Person 1: John keefe is amazing! I love him so much and he just waved to me from he stage!

Person 2: OMG I just caught Beef's drum stick! I'm so happy right now I'm crying, and he's looking right at me and smiling!!!! I could die happily now!
by blgfan95 August 13, 2011
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