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White rapper from Johnstown, PA. If this rapper had a genie, his first request would be to be black. Drinks shitty ghetto liquor like "Henny" and makes trash album titles. Also, a John Sisco has a finely penciled in "beard strap." A fat headed unoriginal assclown that uses his wives money to fund his rap "career" and to purchase twitter followers.
My stomach hurt, so I went to the bathroom and took a John Sisco.
by lol@sisco May 30, 2017
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One of the greatest rapper form Johnstown Pa who have a dream to make his city better and will have his team and his fans to support him in so many ways. His album titles means everything what is going through in his life and want his haters to know to keep hating while he is making money
Wow did you hear that album that John Sisco put out? It's so fire listen to it.
by winner2018 February 13, 2018
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