Multi talented singer / songwriter/ producer, Joey Page is a star on the rise. The Orlando native has spent most of his young life immersed in the entertainment industry. He has embraced all aspects of the music industry and is growing musically at an alarming pace. Joey’s roguishly handsome looks, charm and cool as can be swagger makes him equally hip to the young girls that swoon for him as to the young guys that want to be like him.

As an artist Joey has been heavily influenced by many of today’s artists as well as some of music’s legendary performers. Joey has a strong understanding of today’s music scene on a global level and is a true student of the industry. He has demonstrated the ability to tap into a wide array of emotions and convey them through his lyrics and music. He is an expressive young man that makes no excuses or apologies for who he is. What sets Joey apart form many of today’s young artists is his undeniable stage presence. Joey exudes charisma at every turn and is a true throwback, a genuine showman. Whether performing a laid back track, an up tempo anthem, or taking it down for a heart wrenching ballad the audience always leaves wanting more.

Currently Joey is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming LP and has been on the road promoting his music and live show. With an already rabid fan base that is increasing by the day and the resurgence of the pop music scene in the industry world wide Joey is poised to be "America’s Next Pop Icon".
joey page's songs are sicknasty.
he is the "teenage rage". his dad, Joe Page, is the "middle age rage".
by anissa musso jonas page! March 19, 2008
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