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One of the all time hockey greats. Owning possibly the best wrist shot in all of hockey he was the MVP of the 2002 Olympics, the 1996 Stanley Cup playoffs, the 2000-2001 NHL regular season, and 2003-2004 All-Star Game. He has won a gold medal, two Stanley Cups, The Lester B. Person Award, The Lady Bing Trophy, and The Bud Light Plus/Minus Award. Currently at number 17 on the all time goal-scored list and number 11 on all time NHL points, he will surely climb in both categories before his career is through.
Joe Sakic is a player that fans of any team can appreciate.
by Tyler"thebuldog"Hernandez August 22, 2006
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The single greatest hockey player to come out of Western Canada. He is the number 19, not Yzerman, Sakic. Burnaby Joe will be the Captain of the 2006 Men's Olympic Hockey Team. He shall lead them to another victory just as he did in '02. He has mvped the NHL, Playoff's, All-Star game, and the Olympics. No other player has done that, not even 99. Currently he stands at 13th overall in alltime NHL points. By the time his career is done, he will be in the top 5. He is the master of the snap-shot. He has zero windback on it so the goalie has no chance at all of seeing it.
"Their going to hold on and get a break, it's going to be a break, IT'S JOE SAKIC.....SCORES!!!!!!!! THAT MAKES IT 5-2 CANADA, SURELY THAT'S GOTTA BE IT!!!!!!" - Bob Cole
by Bergmo December 17, 2005
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