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A boy named Danny who is a one of a kind kid. He also likes to kick it with the older people and party his little ass off and smoke his brains out with the kind bud. He cant drink as much as his friends but atleast he does not act like a dumb ass when he is drunk. To bad he has never had a good piece of @$$ only by some dumb little tramp. Don't worry danny pussy gets better. Trust me. Oh one more thing some drunk guy stuck his dick in his mouth while he was past out. That would be me the writter of most of this bull shit.
some little strange boy: "Hey lets party"
One of people from the older group: "hey dont be such a Danny"
Scott: "hey that is my little brother"
Peter: "Yeah lets hope he doesent take after you"
by Jizzmen's Daddy July 17, 2004
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