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Jipocolypse is the combination of all jips that has ever occured in the history of mankind, rolled into one huge jip which will eventually rip the fabric of time into pieces, causing the whole universe to become frozen is a jipped state. This will occur when the universes jip coefficent is .916. Once a person gets jipped, the coeficient rises by the smallest fraction, but when someone is the jipper, the coefficient decreases. But here is where the complexity starts. In order to become the jipper, someone must be jipped, increasing the coeficient, but by jipping someone, you have decreased the coeficient by the same ammount. Therefore unbalanced jips will cause the world to end.
Man1: "Oh shit, the jipocolypse is coming."
Man2: *sigh* "We got jipped."
by Hakki October 03, 2006
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