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the most kick-ass teacher to ever teach at st george girls high... he can't sew and is really soft. he also thinks asking questions about running through fields of grass can help inspire you to make a cushion. if you buy him his lunch from the canteen he may allow you to buy some food for yorself with his money. aka jelly or a lolly pop. he also has a tendency to say however and to wink.
Jimmy siu: okay, imagine running through a field of grass
Student: but sir, i don't like grass

god, that jimmy siu sure know knows how to sew...
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the gayest person on earth.
nobody likes him.
or her.
he thinks hes cool.
but hes not.
hes gay.
and definitely NOT a kick ass teacher.
im not even sure if he is a teacher.
he cannot teach for anything.
he cant cook.
he cant sew.
he cant work a computer.
he lives with his mother who lives across the roaad from the school. she makes sure he brings a healthy sandwhich to school for lunch with the crust cut off.
and gives him enough change for an orange juice or apple.
jimmy siu: well im off to school, mama.
mama: wait jimmy, dont forget your dollar for your juice.
jimmy: yes mama
by iluvjassie January 14, 2007
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