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1. (noun) the magical fairy who brings weed, often mysteriously or without explanation.

2. (verb) To jingle the testicles of a man, esp. a gay one, much like one would jingle those of a cricket (Note: it is important to gently but lovingly stroke a cricket's genitals to maximize the insect's pleasure).

hand job weed fairy stroke marijuana ballsack
1. Stoner A: Dude, when I woke up this morning it seems like my dime bag had tripled in size!
Stoner B: Dude, it looks like Jiminy Jingle paid you a motherfuckin' visit.

2. I went to the bathroom during Musical Theater Night at Sydney's Ass Shaking Palace and there were like eight guys getting jiminy jingled in the restroom!
by Marcus Ricci April 26, 2006
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