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A hole that contains bodily fluids of walrus's and midgets from Antarctica. This hole is usually filled or covered up with dildos or one large dildo. If "jim hole" is used in scrabble you will be awarded 4x the points for each letter and 20x the points for the word. This hole is also located on your gooch however, it is invisible to the untrained eye and only super cool people can see it. and cholos, and occasionally walrus's by the name of Mr. Wal Rus.
"I would love to bone his jim hole."

"I lost my dildo in my jim hole the other day"

"Dayummmmmm, that cholo has a massive jim hole"

"My name is Mr. Wal Rus, and i love to watch "my" children play with their jim holes across the street."
by Tyler B. (Mr. Wal Rus) May 23, 2008
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A) A large hole from which excrement erupts unexpectedly requiring the use of a blue bag.

B) A large divot left while backcountry snowboarding that one falls into and cannot escape without assistance. Similar to a tree well but in an open slope.
I was snowboarding and fell into a Jimhole. The terror of not being able to escape made me shit my pants explosively which required a blue bag.
by NWClimber March 13, 2011
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