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Modern day name for puddle slut. Also can be used towards a situation where one gets a irritated un wanted result a.k.a.Derosierd Example.. You pull your meth pipe out your sock and your dope is gone but you sware your trustworthy best friend you just met 30 min ago said he put a qtr paper in it for your jibhoe who he flailed off with to by scratch offs at 4 a.m. and forgot you at WalMart. This is called a jibhoe moment. Pretty much its a very versatile word for bad things n situation..
1. you jibhoe! down for a little session of SnF .. Suck a good dick I give you a qtr paper! (in best Vietnamese voice)

2. A shit I just got jibhoed for my lighter.

3. What the fuck is that jibhoe doing now!
by Jerkaerka May 24, 2017
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