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Unique individuals randomly gathered from all over the world to acomplish one goal, KILL!

- Usually described as militants or mercenaries with one common goal. They will be true and honest with other members until accomplishments are met and upon another calling.

- In slang terms: Friends or buddies that will help you accomplish anything you need, no questions asked, true friends like a club, clan, coalition, alliance, league, mob, ect.

JiBB for short word

Original pronunciation is Gerbeerwaf ... translation and pronunciation changed over the past generations... current pronunciation is JibberWaff (JiBB R Wahf)
1.Now that we all see eye to eye, we can join forces as Jibberwaff's!

2.Round up the JiBB's, we got some dirty work to attend to.

3.Oh Shit, the Jibberwaffs have gathered, time to beat feet!
by FSTMRFR May 22, 2014
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