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1)Similar to definition of janan, a man with bigger breasts than his lover or partner, however much more cowardly.

2) A guy with very small balls and dick often referred to as being cowardly.

3) A stubborn guy who does not own up to his own mistakes and pushes the blame to others.
“He so fat his breasts drop to the floor”
“Duh He’s janan or jianan man”

I don’t want to do this. She don’t talk to me, so I don’t think I should talk to her lah
“Dude can you stop being a jianan”

“Do you wanna come over my place tonight? ;)”
“As long as you are not jianan ;)”

“It’s not me, he did that first that’s why i do this. Totally non of my business”
“Wow you are really jianan”
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by thuggie April 23, 2018
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