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People with this name is the pure essence of joy, hence the name. The silent "h" found in the name is due to the fact that they are "h"ighly talented in almost any aspect of life, whether it be academics or just rocking at life. They can be strongly opinionated, especially when it involves their own life experiences, such as their gender, race, and age. Jhoys are intelligent, witty, but seem to be incredibly introverted, considering how great of a person they are. They struggle to get themselves out there, but slowly rise to the top when they find their way. They seem to have only a handful amount of friends, but have great relationships with them. Jhoys can be huggable and lovable to everyone they know.
Person 1: Have you seen Jhoy anywhere?
Person 2: Yeah, she's the smart one, right?
Person 1: Yeah!! She's really funny too.
by reeena March 15, 2017
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