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A lower-end Volvo or BMW, particularly the 325i and 330i series of the latter.
Look at that little brillopad Cornell sheeny, driving around town in his Jewmobile.
by JJJJJJJJK December 01, 2006
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A car that mainly Jews travel in. Usually very expensive, but not pimped.Jewmobiles include Cadillacs, BMWs, and various other expensive cars.
Oh man that was one awesome Jewmobile that we passed back there.
by Jewmobile Rider May 18, 2009
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Not only are jews flammable, they spontaneously combust in small areas(ovens which the germans found out) so they tried to harness this energy and test other "races" but they had to start the fire for those other races to become aflame. So with jews in hand they try to see how many they can fit into certain areas to fuel this new vehicle that they were creating. Large areas didnt work so they had to gas them but ovens were just perfect but they would have to keep putting jews in there to keep it running. As they perfected the vehicle design they also perfected the jew feeding process through their internment camps such as aushwitz. Project setbacks due to jew uprising in the camps were a constant threat to this new vehicle and with the war being fought in the country. This project was however unable to gain any ground as the war started to rage nearby.
A vehicle that runs purley on a jew based cumbustion engine.
"dude was that a jewmobile".
"omg what were they planning on doing with all these a jewmobile"?
by OMGGTFONAO!!!!!!!!!!! October 15, 2009
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