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A piece of seemingly random typing that one usually says after saying something embarrassing. It actually has the hidden meaning of placing the blame of the embarrassing piece of text upon Jews, who are also being called jerks.
"When i was 12 my friends and I snuck into a rated R movie and as i was walking up the steps some one tripped me i went tumbling down the steps, but it doesn't end there. i landed on some one's lap!!! i landed in their popcorn and coke and the worst thing was that it was my school principal, not a good thing, i get in enough trouble at school and to top it landed in his food at a rated R movie. so the story still doesn't end there as i was walking out to clean myself off to the bathroom i ran into one of the cutest guys in school...dripping in coke and sticky buttery popcorn i ran into the bathroom stumbling the entire way. it was so embarrasing and the worst thing was i got in trouble for sneaking in the movie and for well you know ruining my clothes."
by joelj October 16, 2007
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