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The most offensive word in existence. JFNQ can also be used.

If the entirety of the word is too severely insulting for the occasion, the two halves jewfaggot and niggerqueer can be used instead.
"man, that guy sodomized my piggybank, and then he stole the watermelon i just bought. The cops showed up, but he outran their car. He was wearing assless chaps as well."
"sounds like you got hit by a jewfaggotniggerqueer."

"Dude, you're so lazy, all you do is sit around and jerk off to gayporn all day. Niggerqueer."

"That guy is such a jewfaggot, he didn't even tip the manwhore he brought to his brother's wedding."
by Shoodoo June 05, 2008
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