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Describes someone who is native to New Jersey but now living in a different part of the country, but trying to seem cool and hip by invoking Jersey-isms wherever possible.
"Why do you keep talking like you're in the mafia? That's so jerseyboy."
by Jerseyboy September 19, 2003
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Term for a male aged 16-21 from Northern New Jersey who pretends to be a "city boy" from New York. A Jersey Boy is often of Italian descent and pretends to be "hard as shit" despite having in all probability grown up in an upper-middle class suburban neighborhood. Often Jersey Boys will smoke at least 2 packs of cigarettes a day, their only larger daily expenditure of money being on hair gel and ripped jeans. Often Jersey Boys will "talk shit about everything" despite "not knowing anything". The most common staples of a Jersey Boy's vocabulary include "fuck", "thats fucking bullshit", "what are you some kind of faggot", and " and the boys..." In defiance of biological fact, 99% of all Jersey Boys have black hair, and are often attracted to girls who most people would describe as either, in a good way, "freak(aaaaa)y" or in a bad way, "skanky". Most Jersey Boys will grow up to marry a woman they do not love, and have multiple kids who they will barely know, which suits their personalities as it will permit them to continue to "talk shit" long after their primes.
Irish kid: "hey wop, you're a clown"

Jersey Boy (Billy): "Fuck you, you motherfucking, Irish hoodlum motherfucker, I'm gonna fucking bury you fucking 6 feet under, you fuck."
by Irish11111 September 09, 2009
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A kid who is not from new jersey, but has a speech impediment that sounds like a New Jersey accent.
Kid 1: Hey man you ever been to new Joyzey?
kid 2: Haha... new joyzey, you freaking jersey boy.
Kid 1: I SPEAK FOYNE! god damn...
by Karen Longshnieder February 13, 2009
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A diss to a certain person who is acting gay.
Rowan: "Look at my new pink shoes! :D"

Chrissy: "WOW!!! what a Jersey Boy"
by Stephanie J Q April 14, 2010
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