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A cute couple who know how to get things done at the love rocks. Sexy😏 Jerry with his obnoxiously bushy unibrow and his mole with a white hair. His mole is juicy. Like two peas in a pod-ooh getting hot in there. Sophia kisses on Jerry everyday bro. She loves kissing his juicy mole and loves his 8 inch wang. Jerry and Sophia have a nice aggressive side when they see eachother when they have a child it has a voice as a warthog, and a nose like Pinocchio. Sophia wakes up every morning to a hot cup of Jerry's moob milk that is her favorite part of her day. Jerry has 8inch moobs that's why he has so much milk for Sophia in the morning. Sophia loves Jerry so much she kisses his mole for hours and kisses his unibrow for hours until she falls asleep.
Sophia: Hey Bebe want to go get some pop tarts and netflix and party?
Jerry: Yeah babe I am mentally retarded and I am stupid and don't have a problem when I do that you can be the one and only to my heart. I am th key to your heart and you should marry me because yo are so sexy and and i like it when you shop at Victoria because you know the secret to Victoria. My sexy babe please marry me.

Eyeball: Omg girl have you seen that ugly beast named Jerry?
Sophia: Omg ya girl. We are getting married in a couple days.

Eyeball: Ew why he is so ugly.
Sophia:Well, you should see his sexy abs.
Eyeball: You mean flabbs??
Sophia: Even though they are kind of flappy at least they are juicy.
Eyeball: But they are so flubby !!!
Jerrfia means Sophia and Jerry for life. They love eachother so much. They fart in eachothers butts. Jerry loves Sophia to the butthole and back and Sophia loves Jerry with all her heart ❤️
by OHIO GIRLS October 22, 2017
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