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Jerrejean is a unique and complicated name, and so do their personality. To begin, they are a shy quiet person on the outside but a fun and weird one on the inside. They're very smart, but dense in some social situations. They can seem cold and unamused but they can be very loving, forgiving, and patient.

They usually have the curiosity of a philosopher and a quirkiness for cheesy jokes which makes them really interesting to talk to! To be friends with a Jerrejean takes effort; They have a high wall protecting them & one has to be patient to break it down. They can also be bipolar towards certain friendships and few can tolerate it. They're not all sunshine everytime. But it'll be worth it. "The best things in life don't come easy." Jerrejeans can be capable of great things as soon as they put their head on it :)
Person 1: "Jerrejean didn't reply to my text again."
Person 2: "Lol, that's just who they are."
by naelie.ailit August 05, 2018
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