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The type of woman who will go above and beyond to protect the ones she loves and cares about the most. One who owns up to her faults and has no problems admitting She's wrong and will do the steps necessary to correct the mistake at the time. Her loyalty, honesty, love, and respect are built into her like it's never ever been a problem. Has the biggest heart when it comes to people and their happiness. DON'T LET THE PRETTY FACE FOOL U THO BCUZ REAL LIFE SHE PUT THE BEAST ASLEEP FOR THE GREATER GOOD. PUSH THAT BUTTON THAT RELEASES IT AND GOD BLESS THOSE WHO CAUSED THAT RAGE U GONNA NEED ALL THE PROTECTION U can get bcuz shits gonna get flipped upside down and inside out words case scenario someone's leaving in a ambulance or the final resting van and it sure in the hell isn't gonna be her
There comes a point in everyone's life where they need a Lil bit of Jennifer Renee in it...
by Jenny shortstack renee January 17, 2017
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