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It is sort of like a tomboy but different;It is a lady/woman/girl who is feminine and masculine and other...In attire,ways,mannerism,actions,etc.

Jenneherm comes from jennet :which is a female Spanish donkey. and the word hermaphrodite which is both male and female or other
Good example jenneherm of this is a woman/girl who wears very masculine attire shirts but wears feminine dresses and skirts in a outfit.

another great example is a lady/woman who is sort tomboyish but sort femme in appearance but acts tough.

Max from the tv show Dark Angel is jenneherm because she had this tough girl attitude but had a femmine sort boyish look going on.

Iam attracted to jenneherm'ish women because i love the femme look and the dominant/tomboyish personality.
by shhu September 04, 2009
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