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1.) When an apple-bottomed African American woman (typically found in her natural habitat of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn) urinates in spray-form over the entirety of a public restroom toilet seat, while hovering above said toilet seat and girating her hips in a clockwise or counter clockwise movement; also evidence has shown the use of a "booty clap" whilst mid spray. Sometimes used in combination with the Jemima swirl grip or the jemima swirl leg-lift.

2.) When a watermelon bottomed African American She-ress, righteously empties the entirety of her bladder in spray form (aka, the african mist) in an effort to mark her territory. This feat renders said toilet useless, and is frustrating for white people.
Hey, so I went to use the bathroom during that new movie Devil, but I couldn't use the toilet because some apple-bottomed bitch totally pulled a jemima swirl.
by theclintonhillcumquats September 26, 2010
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