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As a noun : (1)when you take a bunch of pills that you think are making you feel better but they don't really do anything they're just like, placebos or sugar pills. You have jellybean syndrome.
(2) when someone else makes you feel like you should go home and take a bunch of pills so that you'll feel better about having been around them and the infection that they cause. They have caused jellybean syndrome.
"The doctor has given me Tylenol and Vicodin and muscle relaxers and some wonderful things for my depression I now have Jelly Bean syndrome which is when I think that's going to make a goddamn lick of difference which it won't but I think it does cuz I'm a twat"
"Oh, what's jellybean syndrome?" you might ask? Yes I just defined that thanks, now you've given it to me all over again.
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by Brawnanobrain October 31, 2017
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