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1. played like a sucka
2. horrible beyond description
3. gnashing of teeth
4. the fiery pits of hell
5. losing to a team composed of karl malone, john stockton, jeff hornacek, gary payton, shawn kemp, scottie pippen, dirk nowitski, coached by george karl and jerry sloan, and owned by mark cuban. in the 7th game of the finals, up by 2 pts, w/ 0.4 seconds left, on a inbounds 3pts from the pasty faced gangsta...
Dude. You got jelafied by your prof.
by blathersby February 29, 2008
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When you are suped up, flying around the house, not a care in the world, and rich with powerful awesomeness, you are JELAFIED. Join in the movement for a new feeling of groove city, get JELAFIED.

When you want to turn life around, get JELAFIED. It is thae anti-poverty, anti-dallas, pro-free love feeling in every single heart of man woman child and dog.

Blue? Not when your JELAFIED. This movement will never stop as long as the feeling of pure bliss is in the hearts of the truly gnarly. Accept yourself to become JELAFIED.
Dude, I am straight kicks right now. This day has been so JELAFIED.
by MLWoo May 30, 2008
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