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known new breed of jejebuster but instead of hunting and humiliate a jejemon he hunts and kills them because of their looks and their language and their lack of intelligence and revenge. the jejeslayer uses weapons like an m16 and more guns and his distinguish look he has a green desert scarf wrap around his neck and cover his face with it, he is armed but very helpful to strangers

his story is unknown why he has a grudge againts them
dan:(walking to the street but suddenly a jejemon appeared)
dan:saklolo may gago dito gusto akong maging tanga(then a jejeslayer was near by and heard this plea for help)

jejeslayer:torta ka sakin ngayonputa ka

jejemon:anow??!!(jejeslayer pulls a colt anaconda to his holster)
jejeslayer:(pulls the trigger )BAANNG!!!!
jejemon:(dead all his brains splatter the street)
dan:salamat dakilang ginoo

(then the jejeslayer disappeared to the shadows)
by marlnatomine July 27, 2010
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