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Another terminology for ya jesus believing godgobbers.Especially of (but not exclusive of)christian evangelicals, pentecostals, revivalist gatherings etc, and people who roll around the aisles and stages at one Benny Hinn's many fraudulent, hoax healing type shenanigans.
Typical of people who never shut up about jesus and their frigging god and other nauseatingly repetitive religious stuff. Also a terminology of all religious devotees of jesus based cults, from catholics to mormons, from anglicans to presbyterians to zionists. The whole a to z of jesus gobbers.
Anybody who is consumed by religion, from popes to priests, bishops to nuns, mother superiors to reverends,etc,etc,.......and all their indoctrinated followers !
We opened our front door and there was 2 white shirted blokes on the verandah. They immediately launched into... "Hello, we are from the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, and we'd like to talk to you about......",,,,,,,,
"ARHH FUCKING HECK !, it's the bloody mormons !" shouted me misses. "Piss off ya dopey fucking jehovah jiving jesus junkies !", I added for good measure. The little lady then gave 'em a parting send off with, "Yeh, fuck off and don't come back, we're Atheists ya silly pricks !"
They never did come back !
by Frosty Grego March 05, 2008
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