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1a) A cult like socity, that does not celebrate the following hoildays:

1b)! ( omg are you serious)

2.thanksgiving! (code name: turkey: because they belive we worship the turkey!! again OMG!)

3.halloween! ( Demons!! Demons!!)

4.Birthdays!! (yes birthdays!! so whats are still 7 dude it's been 30 years!!?!)( don't do birthdays because someone died on that day!!)

5.any and all government hoildays! ( so on laborday your ass better be at work!!)

2) JW's also are known for knocking on your door!, and trying to ""save your soul"" (on saturdays) and PO people on there day off!! they hand out pamphlets on the ending of the world. (what a way to start your day.)

3) CULT!

4) also a from of hide-n-go seek!!( HIDE there coming down the street!!)
steve: shhh.... you hear that!

paul: yeah!...what is that!

steve:...... O shit!! its those jehovah's wittness! kill the lights!!

paul: damnit i think they saw me!

steve: paul i'm scared

JW's:*knock knock knock* we saw yo ass. we aint leavin till you open the door!!

both: NOOO!!!
by paul y steve November 28, 2009
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