Jeannet’s a beautiful, funny and loyal girl. Jeannet is a very bubbly person and is very friendly, talkinf to her is very easy. Jeannet has a great sense of humor and loves to make people laugh. She’s very sensitive and will cry a lot and isn’t afraid to show it. There are days where she is very sassy and can give you an attitude,but that’s just her nature. Jeannet is great at making people feel good about themselves and tries to put others before herself no matter what situation she is in.
“OMG look at Jeannet’s pretty eyes!”
by Pseudonymsconfuse March 21, 2018
jeannet is a beautiful kind girl with big brown eyes and long brown curly hair and has a nice body.she will make you laugh and be friendly.She is very smart and really creative.she loves to play video games and be on social media a lot.She reads a lot of romance/comedy books or comics.
There goes jeannet shes very cute...
by redbrid123 May 8, 2019