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It is a word in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin which means "JEBIGA" (on English-"fuck him") but real meaning of that word is not so bad.
Jbg, nisi morao to uraditi ali ok je.
"Jbg", you didn't have to do it but it's ok.
by MexmeD October 29, 2007
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JBG is short for the "Jonas Brothers Game".

The game consists of seeing how long each participant can go without seeing the Jonas Brothers. If you see them, you lose, and the game starts again.

There is no way to win the JBG, you can only outlast the other people playing, as the game is for individuals.
"Oh man! I was doing so well, but then I lost the JBG."
"Sucks, man."

"I haven't gone three days without losing the JBG, and I've been playing since July!"
by Reeroreer! November 25, 2009
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