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jaydin is a pretty and smart girl she is great in school and loves animals.If you need a someone to talk to she will always be there and she will be your shoulder to cry on.She won't laugh at you when you lost a family member or a bf ect and she won't take your ex-bf or steal your bf.She will help with things like gardening and spring cleaning and she loves to party.She loves music and she likes to talk about wat eva you want to.You dont need to find find 1,000,000 friends for all your needs she will be 1,000,000 ppl in one.Trust me i know 1.
"u said u met the perfect person but you left and never told me her name so tell me what was it"

"you mean the one with perfect blue eyes,helped my mom with spring cleaning and ect."

"ya whats her name"

"that is jaydin webb"

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