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Jaydian is a very loving boy. He'll never fail to make someone laugh, and always makes you happy. He will throw out everything bad in his life with out a worry because he focuses on making himself happy, and the people he loves. Typically very close with family and loyal to friends. He's defiantly not shy. Very good boyfriend, he will have his off days but he will be sweet, and have no attention to any girl besides you. (even tho he "has hoes". But he will love you unconditionally and you may not be what's concisered "perfect" for him, but when he has his eyes out for you there's no going back. Once you meet a jaydian, you will want to be his best friend.
wow that guys a real catch; he must be a jaydian.
by catdogcowlumpdump August 05, 2017
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