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The fucking most amazing girl you'll ever meet . She's random and nice. She's goregous awesome and shes not afraid to be wierd! She's a true friend to everyone she Encounters in her life. Shes always there for everybody else but people tend to forget to help HER out when she needs it. She's beautiful and revolves around the love of family and friends . But don't fucking get me wrong everyone mistakes her for sweet - because she is - but when it comes to defending herself and love ones she can be a bitch. She is unique in every way and can be the best friend you'll ever meet! Her best feautre is her eyes and smile! She is also funny!
Guy1:"you see that girl? Who is she?"
Guy2:"That's Jasmihn,she's cool but don't get it twisted she don't take no bs"
by Koalabear1765 July 31, 2017
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