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A "Jantje" is a tough exterior type of guy. Who's really soft and warm on the inside. A fun loving out going party animal that has trouble living in the present. Except when they're in love. They can party for days driven only by their crave for sex and drugs. Or snuggle like a baby with someone they love. They may not be your first love but sure could be your last. if you have a chance snatch a Jantje up, do so. Because their loyalty and love is enough to make anyone happy. But don't forget their smile is armed they often have agendas....& they're always looking for something better. But if this cry alone, hide their emotions & pretend never to get hurt person comes your way and let's their guard down......let them open up. Nurture the love, the friendship, because Jantje maybe getting ready to finally settle down. That's something you wanna be ready for.. ;)
Don't worry about him, he's a Jantje he won't hurt ya.

Your friends the life of the party, he's a regular Jantje.

He's a tease, a real Jantje.
by FLOWER November 12, 2013
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