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Janitza is a girl who's smile lights up the whole room. Wherever she goes, she's constantly cheering people up and spreading positive vibes. She is one of the sweetest, most caring and beautiful people you'll ever meet in your life time. once you meet her, you'll never wanna let go. shes always doing cute things just to put a smile on her friends face, she'll text you goodmorning, you'll wake up to a paragraph explaining how much you mean to her and she'll just do everything and anything in her power to make her friends smile. She's extremely popular, so if your lucky enough to become friends, don't even let go. You'll have silly photo shoots, have late night talks and even drive to chickfila and Starbucks. When youre down, when your mom makes you mad or even when your just angry for no reason, she'll be there, giving advice and calming you down no matter what the situation. Before you know it, you'll become super close with her and never wanna let go, she'll become you're everything and she's definitely worth it.
"My bestfriend is amazing"
"Dude what's her name?"
"Omg of course it's JANITZA, she's one of the best people I've ever met! Beautiful inside and out tbh"
by Allie2fab August 06, 2015
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