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A janebaby is someone who always gets smoked out by someone else. Janebaby derives from the words "mary-jane", "marijuana", and "sugarbaby". A characteristics of a janebaby usually are: Always wanting greens, never corners the bowl, never has money to match, and says they aren't high enough. A janebaby could be anyone, but usually it's girls that have big boobs, fake nails, lives with their parents, posts every goddamn thing they do on Snapchat, and texts 10 guys at once. Most guys will smoke them out hoping to exchange for some bomb head, but they know deep down they're just getting played.
"Oh, Brittany never has to buy her own weed. She as plenty of guys that will smoke her out everyday. She's a f***ing janebaby."
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by hugsfromheather October 11, 2016
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