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a fun, sassy, bad ass motherfucker, who cares for you whoever ju are . He dresses realllllllly nice and classy. He's so funny. He talks like he's sick and depressed but he's actually not !!!! But his personality is to die for and is divine doe. He's a really good friend and you can talk to him whenever and he'll be like, "what's up? :)". He's like an amazing dancing machine like girl—werk it werk it werk it fierce. But he literarily hates stereotypes. Like stereotypes can go jump off a cliff, like he cares !!!!!! He is so love able and everyone loves him. YAAASSS. He loves Juhee, Ashley, and Roberto and we love him too :)
I wish I can talk to jampol ! hes so swag
by Juhee, Ashley, Roberto December 17, 2013
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