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He is the most wonderful man you could ever meet. He rocks at playing the drums too! He is loyal to someone when it comes to relationship. He's sweet, nice, funny. He has a great sense of humor. He never likes arguing and fighting about stupid stuff, and he doesn't like it when someone he loves starts something. He cares about everybody in his life, especially his love. He's the kind of guy you'll be lucky to even be with. The only way you can make him mad/upset is if you mention another boy (this is if he loves you more than a friend) or break a promise to him. Thats the only time he would want to keep to himself from you for JUST a little while, then he would forgive you right after. He will have curly brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Slim body and lips you'll want to kiss every minute of the day.
He's also the jealous type when it comes to a girl he loves hanging out with another boy.
If you knew James in person, he would be so fun to hang out with, and if you two were a couple, he would kiss you so much, and show everybody that you belong to him, and that he loves you so much and would do anything for you.
Girl: Wow look at James Lowe, he is amazing at the drums and his girlfriend is soo lucky to have him. He's so caring and lovable.

Girl2: Yeah I know, at least they are happy together! He really shows how much he loves her.
by Ali B. (leesh) October 26, 2013
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