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Jakeub is someone that is irreplaceable to you in your life. If he is a part of your family, you adore him, if he is your bestfriend you adore him, and if he is your boyfriend, then you adore him. But if he is all three of those you are head over heels in love with this kid.

Jakeub is spontaneous, adventurous, athletic, and so loving. He is someone with visible strength within his muscles but also within his heart. He is someone you never want to lose because he is just that incredible to you, and everyone around it can see it as well. Jakeubs are common but Jakeubs are rare, once you meet a Jakeub you'll never look at anyone else like you do at him. There is most typically only one Jakeub in your life and that one is in it forever. He is honest, and faithful, and loves you for you. Most of all though, you truly love him.
Girl: Do you see how much she is in love with that kid named Jakeub that moved here?

Boy: Yeah.. Kinda makes me wish i could date him.. I mean.. He seems like a cool guy.
by Vanessa Lynn McIntyre April 11, 2018
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