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Jakeria is a cute girl that is loyal ,smart,caring, loving,honest. She is a sweet girl who will always be by your Side no matter what . Great sex and has a nice body . She is everything you would want in a girl . Can have a bad attitude.
Savages dam she a freak . Jakeria sexy ass
by Keke keeps it real December 23, 2016
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Jakeria usually describes a beautiful, all-around perfect girl. They are smart, kind, funny, and sweet. They are super cute, with an infectious smile. You can fall in love very easy with one. They can usually have a rough outer shell full of attitude, but have a very sensitive, loving heart in the inside.
1. Jakeria is so beautiful and funny, you can’t help but to love her.

2. She Jakeria is so fun to be around.
by jumpman 23 tyty da goat August 07, 2018
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