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Jaidah is a very intelligent young lady. She respects herself as well as others; often quiet but has no filter when somebody starts with her. She never has to worry about begging for anybody/anything because she can always get who/what she wants with ease. She is also very beautiful and lady-like but has no problem with kickin' your ass if she has to.
Jaidah is so pretty but she is also very quiet.
by JanaeπŸ’‹ June 16, 2015
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Jaidah is probs one of the prettiest chicksu will ever meet.
All the dudes lover her! Most of the time short but she has a great..what ever you do don't start with her she will kick your ass any day. Now dudes if you ever get a jaidah you will know your something special because she is very picky about her men.
Omg this chick is soooo hot she is definitely a jaidah
I had a fling with a chick last month she had no gag reflex she HAD to be a jaidah
by May 05, 2019
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Jaidah is a very sexy shy person but when you get her alone she turn into a complete freak . When she has a eyes for one person she'll have eyes on that person for years .
1. Jaidah is a freak that loves to ride .
2. Very sexy and shy ( Jaidah
3 Loves for boys to touch her breast ( Jaidah )
by Kittykat47 August 22, 2016
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