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A smart girl. She is honestly the greatest person in the whole world.She's cute in always and she can be a tomboy but u need a person like jahmay in your life.
JahMya is cute and live to play
by Myanel April 08, 2017
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Jahmya is the realist and nicest person you could ever meet. She is VERY pretty she usually haves a bad attitude. She always put people before herself and she can always puts a smile on people face. She can sometimes be a tomboy and she's hella funny you'll never be bored with a Jahmya around you. Jahmya is usually aggressive, bipolar, and childish asl. She haves a crazy ass personality that boys fall in love with. Jahmya is just that bitch.
That jahmya girl is crazy.
by Datbitchmya September 26, 2018
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