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jah Ashtré, Wulfila's Bible, dwalmôn Ashtré

It's written in Gothic and it says and Ashtré, Wulfila's Bible, Ashtré is foolish. It's history comes from bulletin posts on a website called A user with the display name Ashtré tried to pretend he knew what something said that was written in Gothic. And every post made he thought were in Gothic he would respond with Wulfila's Bible, The imgoth user in aiwins naht started posting messages in different Germanic languages to have Ashtré respond saying Wulfila's Bible. After a few time of this a bulletin post was made giving all information on the actual languages and the English translations. After this was the first post of the phrase jah Ashtré, Wulfila's Bible, dwalmôn Ashtré. Now whenever Ashtré says or does something foolish, a post is made of "jah Ashtré, Wulfila's Bible, dwalmôn Ashtré"

This has been brought to you by:in aiwins naht

in aiwins naht
weihnai namo þein
In aiwins naht {0.-.-.-..0000029A}Ashtré I have screen shot you saying you lied and you saying that I am the one that made the bulletin posts.

Ashtré_30320 So?
Ashtré_30320 will anyone believe you/
Ashtré_30320 ?

because Ashtré responded to being told that his words were screen shot with a question asking if anyone will believe it. The response to this would be jah Ashtré, Wulfila's Bible, dwalmôn Ashtré
by (Everyone on earth) December 16, 2009
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