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A temporary state of combined insanity and stupidity brought on by to many jagerbombs, or combining jager and tequilla. Basic motor skill are there but brain function is cut by 75%. Symptoms include trying to sleep with every woman around, thinking you are the authority on every subject known to man, and the inability to focus on a task for longer than two minutes. Most of the time also accompanied by an undeniable need to dance to realy bad music. You will not remember anything in this state the next day but be assured it will be well documented by your friends to make fun of you later.
guy1 "Dude you know you were in the middle of a fatty sanwich on the dance floor last night right. and I am pretty sure the girl you made out with was old enough to be your grandmother"

guy2 "it's ok i was in the grips of jager madness besides if i don't remember it, it never happed"
by sabue November 10, 2009
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