Top definition absolutely flawless, where ever she goes she is expected to be the center of attention. Her name is the perfect meaning of nature and its beauty. Some girls mught try to pick on her because their too jelous, shes kind , love being social, and wants be everyones friend, she also does not belive in drama(but try not to come at her she will put u in your place.)She's a bad ass bitch, she is a girl no boy should pass up,she is the most loyal person u will meet, she has amazing fresh style and don't really go on the safe side. She loves to smile and laugh, she has a fine as hell, has an amazing body, has a nice portion of ass. U will be amazed at how good of a girl she is( u might want to break up with your girlfriend now, while she's avalible) some boys have definetly broke her heart because they are some perverts. She's amazing and a girl u will never want to pass up.
Guy 1:damn, I wish I had jaeliyn
Guy 2:she is an amazing girl, if I tried talking to her I would probably embarrasse myself
Guy 1:u don't know unless u try
by Jonathan storace March 31, 2017
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