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A Jacuzzi Mc Dude is a male that wears such clothing items as black silken button up shirts with tribal designs or flames, extremely baggy worn out jeans and/ or cargo pants or shorts. They have also been known to wear camo pants*. Such accecories include chains hanging from thier thick black leather wallets. Sahrk-toth necklaces as well as tribal leather bands adorn their necks and wrists. Their hair is almost always spiked up in a curly sort of way. Most of the time, they wear immitation "Spy" sunglasses they purchased from the swap meet.They also have shitty lambchops and a soul patch in the making. The are quite easy to spot, as the listen to ridiculous music such as Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, and Linkin Park. Most of them are tall and gangly, and have abnormal features. He has absolutely nothing to do with a jacuzzi.

*Camo pants are fucking gay and are only for those whose parents resent them horribly. Camo shorts on the other hand, are more than acceptable.
Kumar is such a jacuzzi mc dude, that he killed a man with his wallet chain.
by Jotrickson November 18, 2006
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