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Jacob is a guy you can trust with all you might. He treats people with respect and he is a attractive guy inside and out. Most people like him for his looks he is miss under stood and would like people to understand him. He gets made fun because of the way he speaks and the way he does his work and lives. But all in all he is the best person you could ask for. He get accused for being a player when he is one of the most loyal person a person could ask for. Most girls fall for him because of his kindness and his looks. He is kind of shy at first but when you get to know him and he knows you he will act with excitement. He is known for being a introvert but is a extrovert when you are his friend.
Girl: hey you want to be my friend.

Jacob Gelwicks: why do you wanna be my friend.

Girl: because you seem cute.

Jacob Gelwicks: ok thanks.
by Miss Mint... May 21, 2018
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