My mom can't make it to church today because they're showing a marathon of B.J. and the Bear reruns on tv. She's gonna be inside jackin' the box to Greg Evigan and his stupid monkey until she runs outta twat juice.

That crazy bitch needs to take herself some Xanaps. Have you ever heard of such fucktardation in your life? Oh excuse me...I just performed a manual release. Better hold yer breath, just in case this one is an anal apparition.
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. May 28, 2009
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A femal version for jackin' the beanstalk} meaning masterbation. The term originated in South Jersey.
Whats wrong with you? i walked in on my sister while she was jackin' the box. Thats Hot.
by Sammy B3 May 18, 2006
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