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Jack Maynard is a British YouTuber with a large subscription of people that vary in age,race, culture and ethnicity. Jack Maynard is very attractive to his fans. He has two siblings a younger sister Anna Maynard and a older brother Conor Maynard (who is a singer with a great voice).
'did you see Jack Maynard's new video it's very good and he is soo cute! '

'yes I didn't even know that he has a older brother who is a singer '
by Liv does fitness December 28, 2016
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i mean he’s alright but could be better. never completed vlogmas 2017 because he’s a knob smh. peng face. secretly dating joe sugg but he doesn’t know we know. drinks more than he can handle. cat lover. bullies his fans. HIGHLY UNDERRATED. nice trim. can buy me gucci shoes if he wants. he also went into i’m a celeb however we shall not talk about that.... used to have bleach blonde hair and looked like a lightbulb. oh yeah he also had a nose ring but the bitch got rid of it fuckin melon. the untalented maynard.
girl one: who’s jack maynard?

girl two: who?

girl three: idk her
by karen-likes-cheese December 27, 2017
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